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Curated Selections for the

Fourth Sunday of Easter

21 April 2024

Tried and True
A work that that has shown the test of time and is a staple in the libraries of many parish choirs.
The Name
G-7753 - Arranger: Glenn Burleigh
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Staff Pick
Highlights a selection as being of particular interest for this liturgy.
Very Bread
G-8658 - Composer: Randolph N. Currie, Text Author: Thomas Aquinas
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More great choral pieces for this liturgy
The Children of God
G-6574 - Composer: Steven R. Janco
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Faithful Shepherd
G-8343 - Composer: Grayston Ives, Text Author: T. B. Pollack
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God Is Love
G-6260 - Text Author: August Rische, Arranger: Alice Parker
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Tell Me More
G-7557 - Composer: Fred Offutt, Text Author: Fred Offutt
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The Lord is My Shepherd
Psalm 23
006331 - Composer: Orin Johnson
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The Lord is My Shepherd
008934 - Composer: William P. Gorton
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Now Thank We All Our God
008798 - Composer: Johann Crüger, Text Author: Rinckart Martin, Arranger: Joseph M. Serio
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The Lord Is My Savior
G-5118 - Text Author: Rae Whitney, Arranger: Carl Johengen
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Three Epistle Motets
Let Us Love One Another / Christ Is an Offering / We Are God's Children
G-7593 - Composer: Paul Nicholson
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This is the Day
O Spirit of the Living God
008741 - Composer: Christopher Tye, Text Author: Isaac Watts, Arranger: Paul French
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Christ, Our Cornerstone
008740 - Composer: Kevin Keil, Text Author: Martin J. Willett
Preview $1.25
SAB/SAT& 3-Part
Sing and Be Joyful
008918 - Composer: Johann Kuhnau, Arranger: Hal H. Hopson
Preview $2.20
Children of God
G-6124 - Composer: Rory Cooney
Preview $1.40
Loving Shepherd
G-4467 - Composer: Andrew Seivewright, Text Author: Jane E. Leeson
Preview $1.20
The Good Shepherd
007965 - Composer: James Chepponis
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Unison & Unison with Descant
Savior, like a Shepherd, Lead Us
G-2764 - Composer: Calvin Hampton, Text Author: Dorothy Thrupp
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Jesus is My Shepherd / Our God is Great
009418 - Composer: Paul Hillebrand
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Resources from GIA and WLP Hymnals and missals for this liturgy as found in the GIA Quarterly Magazine.


Selections from GIA & WLP's Permanent hymnals.

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Selections from WLP's renewable resources

Responsorial Psalms for Mass

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Responsorial Psalms with verses from the Abbey Psalms and Canticles

The Stone Rejected by the Builders - PDF
Psalm for the Fourth Sunday of Easter (Year B)
D-1036219 - Composer: Marty Haugen
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Fourth Sunday of Easter B - PDF
D-10374059 - Composer: Michel Guimont
Preview $2.00
Fourth Sunday of Easter B - PDF
D-10600053 - Composer: Marty Haugen
Preview $2.00

Responsorial Psalms with verses from the Revised Grail Psalter

Fourth Sunday of Easter B - PDF
D-9260052 - Composer: Richard Proulx
Preview $2.00
Fourth Sunday of Easter B - PDF
D-8150059 - Composer: Michel Guimont
Preview $2.00
Fourth Sunday of Easter B - PDF
D-8151053 - Composer: Michel Guimont
Preview $2.00
Fourth Sunday of Easter B - PDF
D-8152055 - Composer: Norah Duncan, IV
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Responsorial Psalms with verses from the Lectionary For Mass

Fourth Sunday of Easter—B - PDF
The stone rejected by the builders has become the cornerstone.
D-e03383046 - Composer: Hal H. Hopson
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Based on the Entrance Antiphon

Six Choral Introits For the Church Year
005783 - Composer: Richard Proulx
Preview $2.50
I Have Risen
Contemporary Introits for the Easter Season
G-7656 - Composer: Ken Macek
Preview $2.80
Easter Entrance Antiphons
G-10632 - Arranger: Orin Johnson
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Based on the Communion Antiphon

Communion Antiphons for Easter
005326 - Composer: Richard J. Clark
Preview $2.95
Communion Antiphons for the Easter Season
000700 - Composer: Christoph Tietze
Preview $12.95
Communion Chants for the Church Year
005334 - Composer: Charles Thatcher
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From Unbound

For decades GIA has been a leading publisher of texts and tunes for congregational singing. Unbound makes thousands of those hymns available at the click of a button. Selections previously published in text and tune collections can now be purchased as PDF downloads with full accompaniment included. New material will be added on a rolling basis, featuring works by today's best writers and composers. While provides permissions for congregational use, Unbound provides full scores for instrumentalists and music leaders.
Here are hymns from the Unbound Series that may be suitable for this celebration.
All Glory, Laud, and Honor - PDF
D-U01286 - Composer: Benjamin Brody
Preview $2.50
Christ Is King! - PDF
D-929806 - Composer: Benjamin Brody, Text Author: Sylvia Dunstan
Preview $2.50
Cloaked in the Dark - PDF
D-U01114 - Composer: Bernadette Hoke, Text Author: Jacque B. Jones
Preview $2.50
O Christ, what can it mean for us - PDF
D-619244 - Text Author: Delores Dufner, Arranger: Williams, Ralph Vaughan
Preview $2.50
O Save Us, Lord! Hosanna! - PDF
D-U00560 - Text Author: Chris Shelton
Preview $2.50
What Sort of Welcome is Fit for a King - PDF
D-987241 - Text Author: Adam M. L. Tice, Arranger: John L. Bell
Preview $2.50
To the Gates outside Jerusalem - PDF
D-588463 - Composer: William Rowan, Text Author: Mary Louise Bringle
Preview $2.50

Other Editions for Assembly

Be My Hands and Feet
G-8901 - Composer: Tony Alonso, Text Author: Mary Louise Bringle
Preview $2.60
We Walk by Faith
Concertato on SHANTI
G-2841 - Composer: Marty Haugen
Preview $2.40
Along This Holy Way
G-8672 - Composer: Chris de Silva, Text Author: Chris de Silva
Preview $2.50
Concertato on Duke Street
I Know That My Redeemer Lives / Jesus Shall Reign
008569 - Composer: John Hatton, Text Author: Samuel Medley, Arranger: Paul French
Preview $1.40
Give Thanks to the Lord
G-5325 - Text Author: Carol Browning
Preview $1.40
Children of God
G-6124 - Composer: Rory Cooney
Preview $1.40
Deo Gloria Alleluia
Easter Gospel Acclamation
G-6402 - Composer: Carol Browning
Preview $2.20
Reason to Live
007411 - Composer: Ed Bolduc
Preview $1.25
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