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Guidelines for Manuscript Submission to the Liturgical and Sacred Music Editorial Department


GIA will consider for publication any material that is suitable for Christian worship. This includes music for the assembly, cantor, choirs of various descriptions, and instruments. GIA makes the following assumptions of submitted material:


We require complete scores for submission; lead sheets without keyboard accompaniment or vocal harmonies are insufficient. It saves us some time if you provide a keyboard reduction for choral music in open score format. Please do not send originals; a clear copy is all that is required. Submissions sent by mail will not be returned unless you provide a self-addressed, stamped envelope. Although not required, we do appreciate receiving a CD or MP3 (if submitting electronically) of a performance of the work. For more complex submissions, our committee may request a recording, prior to reviewing your submission.

Please include your complete contact information including phone(s) and email. You will receive confirmation that we have received your submission only if an email is provided. The first review may take up to 90 days. You are free to withdraw your work from consideration at any time. If we are interested in your work, you will receive a letter of intent with details regarding copyright information and contracts. In general terms, we pay writers a total combined royalty of 10% of the retail selling price on all copies sold, as well as 50% of our net receipts from all licensing of the work.

If we are not interested in your work, you will receive notification via email (or standard mail if an email address is not provided).

Every submission is given individual attention; however, due to the large number of submissions we receive, explanation of our decision is not feasible.

Although you may submit as many scores as you wish, we recommend that you send up to five or six of your best pieces.

Electronic submissions are preferred. Please email submissions to [email protected]. Your work should be in PDF, Finale, or Sibelius file format.

If email is not possible, send your scores to:

Editorial Department
GIA Publications, Inc.
7404 S. Mason Ave.
Chicago, IL 60638