First Steps in Music: Preschool and Beyond - Ultimate Package - Book

John M. Feierabend

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Series: First Steps in Music


The Ultimate Package is for the teacher who wants everything available for the First Steps in Music curriculum! It includes one of each of the following items (a total value of over $850.00):

  • First Steps in Music for Preschool and Beyond Curriculum Book - Revised Edition (G-5880)
  • Had a Little Rooster - Revised Edition (CD-1089)
  • There's a Hole in the Bucket - Revised Edition (CD-1090)
  • Old Joe Clark - Revised Edition (CD-1091)
  • Keeping the Beat (CD-493)
  • The Book of Pitch Exploration (G-5276)
  • The Book of Echo Songs - Revised Edition (G-5277)
  • The Book of Call & Response - Revised Edition (G-5278)
  • The Book of Children's Songtales - Revised Edition (G-5280)
  • The Book of Movement Exploration (G-5876)
  • The Book of Fingerplays & Action Songs - Revised Edition (G-5877)
  • The Book of Beginning Circle Games - Revised Edition (G-5878)
  • The Book of Songs & Rhymes with Beat Motions - Revised Edition (G-5879)
  • Pitch Exploration Stories - Flashcards (G-6509)
  • Pitch Exploration Pathways - Flashcards (G-6510)
  • Oh, In the Woods - Flashcards (G-6511)
  • Down by the Bay - Flashcards (G-7962)
  • Move It! Volume 1 (DVD-549)
  • Move It! Volume 2 (DVD-756)
  • Music for Creative Movement (CD-903)

Plus one each of all of the Folk Song Picture Books:

  1. The Crabfish (G-6535)
  2. My Aunt Came Back (G-7178)
  3. There Was a Man and He Was Mad (G-7179)
  4. Father Grumble (G-7416) 
  5. The Derby Ram (G-7690)
  6. The Frog and the Mouse (G-7844)
  7. Risseldy, Rosseldy (G-8121)
  8. The Tailor and the Mouse (G-8122)
  9. There's a Hole in the Bucket (G-8454)
  10. The Other Day I Met a Bear (G-8585)
  11. Jennie Jenkins (G-8893)
  12. Over In the Meadow (G-9032)
  13. Momma, Buy Me a China Doll (G-9341)
  14. Kitty Alone (G-9548)
  15. Had a Little Rooster (G-9665)
  16. The Fox Went Out on a Chilly Night (G-10053)
  17. The Swapping Song (G-10415)
  18. Old Joe Clark (G-10594)
  19. Waltzing Matilda (G-10805)

And the Lomax resources:

  • The Best of Lomax: the Hound of Music (DVD-829)
  • Lomax, the Hound of Music: Favorite Songs (CD-830)


  • First Steps in Music Vocal Development Kit (G-6400)
  • First Steps in Music: In Action (DVD-1052)
  • First Steps in Music: The Lectures (DVD-875)


John M. Feierabend, PhD, has spent decades compiling songs and rhymes from the memories of the American people in hopes that these treasures will be preserved for future generations. He is a leading authority on child development in music and movement and served as Professor and Chair of the Music Education Department at the Hartt School of the University of Hartford. He is a past president of the Organization of American Kodály Educators and has given presentations in all 50 states and many other countries.

Categories: Children/Youth, Curriculum, Folk Music, Method, Pedagogy, Skill Building

Format: Book

Discipline: General Music