A wide cross section of choral music for the church.

This is the mainstay of the GIA choral catalog. It is the largest series in the catalog and simply put, it contains a wide cross section of choral music for the church in all voicings, with accompaniment forces from organ or piano alone, through keyboard with various added instrumental forces ranging from a single flute, all the way to editions with an optional full orchestration.

Tried and True

O God beyond All Praising
Concertato on THAXTED
G-3190 - Composer: Gustav Holst, Text Author: Michael Perry, Arranger: Richard Proulx
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Alleluia Round
G-6325 - Composer: William Boyce, Arranger: Richard Proulx
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An Irish Blessing
G-5148 - Composer: James E. Moore
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Canticle of the Turning
G-7499 - Text Author: Rory Cooney, Arranger: John Ferguson
Preview $2.40
Prayer of Saint Patrick
G-7150 - Composer: Bernard Sexton
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Go to the World!
Concertato on SINE NOMINE
G-5133 - Composer: Ralph Vaughan Williams, Text Author: Sylvia Dunstan, Arranger: James Chepponis
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Choral Fanfare for Christ the King
G-5310 - Composer: H. Hamilton Smith, Text Author: H. Hamilton Smith
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Come to Us, Creative Spirit
A Hymn for Artists
G-3344 - Composer: Richard Proulx, Text Author: David Mowbray
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The Good Shepherd
G-7483 - Composer: Zebulon M. Highben, Text Author: Isaac Watts
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Come, Behold the Lamb
G-6376 - Composer: Dana Mengel
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