Music for the liturgy, primarily Roman Catholic

Intended for liturgical Churches, primarily Roman Catholic, this series includes settings of service music and liturgical texts, as well as settings intended to accompany various rites and liturgical actions. Congregational participation is essential to each edition.

Tried and True

Antiphons for the Washing of the Feet at the Mass of the Lord’s Supper
G-8401 - Composer: Peter Latona
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Melodic Gloria
Revised Order of Mass 2010
G-7822 - Composer: James Chepponis
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Gloria from "A New Mass for Congregations"
Revised Order of Mass 2010
G-7998 - Composer: Carroll Thomas Andrews
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Take, O Take Me As I Am
Lenten Communion Rite
G-6641 - Composer: John L. Bell, Text Author: Gabe Huck, Arranger: Tony Alonso
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Prepare! Prepare!
Advent Gathering Rite
G-7040 - Composer: Stephen Pishner, Text Author: Stephen Pishner
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Advent Gathering Song
G-4131 - Composer: James Chepponis, Text Author: James Chepponis
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The Time of Fulfillment
A Lenten Gathering Rite
G-3906 - Composer: James Chepponis
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Sign Us with Ashes
Song for the Imposition of Ashes
G-6588 - Composer: William Rowan, Text Author: Mary Louise Bringle
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Antiphonal Gloria from "Congregational Mass," 1970
Revised Order of Mass 2010
G-7996 - Composer: John Lee, Arranger: Richard Proulx
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God of Creation
Lenten Gathering Rite
G-6954 - Composer: Ian Callanan, Text Author: Ian Callanan
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