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The Practice of Assessment in Music Education: Frameworks, Models, and Designs - Book

Proceedings of the 2009 Florida Symposium on Assessment in Music Education

Editor: Timothy S. Brophy

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Frank Abrahams, Amy Anderson, Ed Asmus, Lyndel Bailey, William Bauer, Stephen Benham, Ashley Budde, Jennifer Bugos, Richard Bunbury, Patricia Chiodo, Ming-Jen Chuang, Richard Colwell, Donald DeVito, David Edmund, David Elliott, Elisabeth A. Etopio, Brad Foust, Lynne Gackle, Jason Gaines, Beth Gibbs, Edwin Gordon, Dee Hansen, Lee Higgins, Linda High, Alice Hixson, Charles Hoffer, Alena Holmes, Peter Holsberg, Daniel Johnson, Anne-Katrin Jordan, Cheng-Hsien Kao, Paul Kimpton, Jens Knigge, John LaCognata, Jeremy Lane, Chia-Ying Lin, Linda Lovins, Wendy McCallum, Sarah McQuarrie, Glenn Nierman, Angela Nierman, Denese Odegaard, Denise Ondishko, Douglas Orzolek, Kelly Parkes, Bruce Pearson, Ann Porter, William Renfroe, Patricia Riley, Russell L. Robinson, Maria E. Runfola, Joanne Rutkowski, Leslie Scheuler, Sheila Scott, Scott Shuler, Marissa Silverman, Benjamin Smith, Tina Stallard, Stephen Stalls, Keith Thompson, Gianfranco Tornatore, Ann Usher, Jeffrey Vaughan, Jeffrey Ward, Richard Wells, Brian Wuttke, Ching-Ching

Can assessing student music learning in the classroom improve music teaching and learning? The answer is a resounding “Yes!” according to 163 assessment scholars, researchers, music administrators, students, and practicing K-12 and higher education music educators from across the world.

Representing 27 states and 13 nations, these leaders in music assessment shared current thought, research, and practices at the April 2009 Music Assessment Conference in Gainesville, Florida. The presenters who attended the symposium provided insight and practical information regarding assessment in state and national contexts; schools and school districts; music classrooms; and higher education and music teacher education.

The resulting 52 papers and poster abstracts compiled into this important book provide an insightful, well-documented examination of an area that is becoming increasingly important in music classrooms across the world.

Timothy S. Brophy is co-editor of The International Journal of Music Education: Practice, chair of the Florida Music Assessment Task Force, and author of the best-selling book, Assessing the Developing Child Musician: A Guide for General Music Teachers, also published by GIA. 

Categories: Assessment/Testing, Skill Building

Number of Pages: 552

Language: English

Format: Book

Discipline: General Music, Band, Choir, Orchestra