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Assessment in Music Education: Integrating Curriculum, Theory, and Practice

Proceedings of the 2007 Florida Symposium on Assessment in Music Education

Timothy S. Brophy

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Contributors: Kristen Albert - Janet R. Barrett - William I. Bauer - Mary Birkner - Timothy S. Brophy - Rebekah Burcham - Ming-Jen Chuang - Richard Colwell - Colleen Conway - David Edmund - Helen Farrell - Dee Hansen - Aurelia W. Hartenberger - Sarah Hearn - Christopher Heffner - Maud Hickey - Al D. Holcomb - Charles R. Hoffer - Paul R. Lehman - Jay McPherson - James D. Merrill - Glenn E. Nierman - Denese Odegaard - Douglas C. Orzolek - Mary Palmer - Kelly A. Parkes - Tara Pearsall - Patricia Riley - Philip Shepherd - Scott C. Shuler - Bret P. Smith - Robyn Swanson - Sandra K. (Tena) Whiston - Melanie Wood - Ching Ching Yap

An international symposium on assessment in music education—the first of its kind—was held March 29–31, 2007 in Gainesville Florida. Timothy S. Brophy, Associate Professor of Music Education at the University of Florida, brought together assessment scholars, researchers, music administrators, and higher education and public school music educators to share current thought, research, and practices of music assessment.

The 27 papers gathered in this volume examine the symposium’s four Key Questions:
1. What is the purpose and role of assessment in music education in an increasingly politicized, data-driven, accountability-focused educational environment?
2. In what ways can effective assessment practice in K–12 music education be facilitated?
3. In what ways can assessment data be most effectively used to improve music teaching and learning?
4. What are the current research priorities for assessment in music education?

The result is an insightful, well-documented examination of an area that is becoming increasingly important in music classrooms across the world.

Timothy S. Brophy, PhD is the co-editor of The International Journal of Music Education: Practice. He is the chair of the Florida Music Assessment Task Force and author of the best-selling book, Assessing the Developing Child Musician: A Guide for General Music Teachers, also published by GIA. 

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Discipline: General Music, Band, Choir, Orchestra