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Music Assessment Across Cultures and Continents

Proceedings on the 3rd International Symposium on Assessment in Music Education, University of Bremen, Germany

Editor: Timothy S. Brophy, Andreas Lehmann-Wermser

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Timothy S. Brophy and Andreas Lehmann-Wermser, Editors


Proceedings of the 3rd International Symposium on Assessment in Music Education, 

University of Bremen, Bremen, Germany 


What are the purposes of music education assessment? What are the best strategies and techniques? How does assessment improve music teaching and learning? What are the shared research priorities for music education assessment? And how are these questions answered in the context of the world’s cultures and continents?

To address these questions, 139 assessment scholars, researchers, music administrators, students, and practicing music educators representing six continents and seventeen nations convened on March 8–11, 2011 on the campus of the University of Bremen in Bremen, Germany.

The 34 papers published in this volume address assessment in national, state, and regional contexts as well as in district, school and classroom contexts. There is also a wealth of information about assessmentin higher educationandmusic teachereducation.

Together, thepaperspresented inthis book providearepresentation ofwherewe areinmusicassessmentat thistimeinthehistoryof ourprofession. Readers of the first two volumes of proceedings from these events will agree that westillhavemuchtodo, butwill also agreethat wearecoming to terms with assessment in our field at an increasing level of sophistication.


Assistant Editors:

Elizabeth M. Bewie, Millburn Township New Jersey Public Schools

Archie G. Birkner IV, University of Florida

Ferol P. Carytsas, University of Florida

Mark A. Doerffel, University of Florida

Dominique T. Edwards, University of Florida

David M. Goss, University of Florida

Adrianna T. Marshall, Western Illinois University



Frank Abrahams
Linda Aicher
Annamaria Bordin
Anthony Branker
Nathan Buonviri
Frederick Burrack
Samuel Campos
Mariacarla Cantamessa
Dilek Göktürk Cary
Ming-Jen Chuang
Dario De Cicco
Martin Fautley
Andrew Feyes
Sergio Figueiredo
Heike Gebauer
Dee Hansen
Michele Henry
Maud Hickey
Stella Kaczmarek
John LaCognata
Andreas C. Lehmann
Sharon Lierse
Gary E. McPherson
Sarah McQuarrie
Bradford Meyerdierks
Franz Niermann
Glenn Niermann
Kelly Parkes
Patricia Riley
Joshua Russell
Michael Schurig
Ronald Sherwin
Bret P. Smith
Christopher Sommervelle
Julie Jui Ling Tan
David Teachout
Kimberly VanWeelden
Jeffrey Ward
Andreas Lehmann-Wermser
Dennis Ping-Cheng Wang
Carolin Winter
Chia-Chieh Wu
Ying-li Wu

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Language: English

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Discipline: General Music, Band, Choir, Orchestra