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Symphonic Works Analyzed - Book

Robert Quebbeman


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Conceived as a sequel to the eminent twentieth-century text The Symphony and the Symphonic Poem, Robert Quebbeman’s Symphonic Works Analyzed offers in-depth analysis of over sixty works from additional standard orchestral genres, including the overture, incidental pieces, and works for orchestra and chorus.

With repertoire spanning the Classical period to the twentieth century, each analysis provides detailed, easy-to-follow charts outlining the structure and form for each work or movement—complete with music examples showing all the important themes, discussions of the significant details of each composition, and the instrumentation required for performance.

Ideal for conducting professionals and students alike, this resource facilitates both the visual and aural components of score study, illuminating the intricacies of each work for efficient assimilation. This book is an essential reference for any orchestral conductor.

Robert Quebbeman, A.Mus.D., is an emeritus professor at Missouri State University, where he served for almost thirty years as Director of Orchestral Activities and Director of Graduate Studies in Music.

Categories: Conducting, Reference/Textbooks

Number of Pages: 244

Format: Book

Discipline: Orchestra