Music Play 2, Part A - Book

Alison Reynolds, Cynthia Taggart, Wendy H. Valerio

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Through engaging children using Music Play 2, adults may build relationships with newborn and young children, additional family members, and other adults as they joyfully make music together; affirm and nurture newborn and young children’s innate capacities for expressive musicking and movement; and honor and extend young children’s expressed musical curiosities, ideas, and audeas (musical thoughts and ideas), helping them realize that their musical identities are worth sharing, developing, and preserving.

Music Play 2 materials function in companion with Music Play (GIA, 1998) and Edwin Gordon’s Music Learning Theory for Newborn and Young Children (GIA, 2013)

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Music Play 2 is a welcomed contribution for all who are concerned with appropriately guiding children’s musical understandings—parents, teachers, and caregivers. The book is extremely well organized with an excellent balance of theory and practice. The theoretical underpinnings of Music Play 2 are presented in a “user friendly” manner; the lessons are easy to follow and adapt for individual children’s needs and level of development; the numerous songs and chants represent a wide variety of tonalities and meters; and an extensive section on inclusion and inclusive practices has been added. Music Play 2 will be the resource I use for my early childhood music classes!

—Joanne Rutkowski, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, Music Education
    The Pennsylvania State University

This book had me interested from the table of contents onward. The lessons are detailed and ready to use in the classroom. I love that there are tonal and rhythmic patterns to go with each song or chant. This is truly a resource that will delight children and teachers as it is easy to use, appropriate for young children, and pedagogically sound. When I finished, I was ready to jump back into teaching early childhood music. Fantastic!

—Alice M. Hammel, Ph.D.
    James Madison University

Music Play 2 is devoted to the wonder of young children’s musical development. The authors have adeptly woven theory and practice, offering a treasure trove of fresh, accessible lesson plans developed by leading researchers and practitioners in the field of early childhood music. An excellent, indispensable resource with original and high-quality music content, Music Play 2 is essential for all providers of music for young children, and sure to be used time and time again.

—Suzanne L. Burton, Ph.D., Professor of Music Education
    University of Delaware

Categories: Children/Youth, Curriculum, Early Childhood

Number of Pages: 264

Format: Book

Discipline: General Music