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Habits of a Successful Musician - Percussion - Book

A Comprehensive Curriculum for Use During Fundamentals Time

Scott Rush, Rich Moon, Kevin Boyle

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Series: Habits


The Habits of a Successful Musician series welcomes its newest addition—a book for percussionists that offers a sequential and comprehensive component for developing rudiments!

All exercises in the percussion book align with the current exercises for wind players, allowing percussionists to develop basic drum strokes while also providing a musical accompaniment for the wind parts. Rudiments have been intentionally paired with certain wind player fundamentals:

  • Legato/rebound stroke exercises pair with long tones and interval studies.
  • Accent-tap patterns pair with lip slurs and flexibility studies.
  • Buzz roll patterns align with articulation and dynamics studies.

The development of basic drum strokes is the key to success for any percussionist. Once mastered, students will be able to apply these skills to any other percussion instrument, including timpani and drum set.

Book highlights:

  • The rudiments that accompany the wind players' scale patterns may be interchanged with each scale.
  • The appendix contains additional rudiments that can be subsituted to challenge more advanced players.
  • Snare exercises have been designed to be played on a practice pad.
  • Timpani parts are included for all chorales and chord progression studies.

Categories: Method

Number of Pages: 72

Format: Book

Discipline: Band