Awakening Newborns, Children, and Adults to the World of Audiation

A Sequential Guide

Edwin E. Gordon

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Series: Music Learning Theory (MLT)


Parents and expectant parents are the best teachers of unborn, newborn, and young children, followed by other relatives and music teachers. The sooner children learn, the more they retain throughout life. This book, written by perhaps the world's principal researcher and thinker in music education Edwin E. Gordon:

• Describes appropriate early music guidance and clarifies through modeling how it can be put into play by parents and teachers.
• Details in one document how to smoothly make the musical transition from preganancy to early childhood music to school music in a practical and valid manner.

This resource is organized into 6 parts:

1.) Introduction
2.) Pregnant Women
3.) Parents and Other Adults
4.) Early Childhood Teachers and Parents
5.) Elementary School Music and Classroom Teachers
6.) An explanation of relevant research and a summary of Dr. Gordon's Music Learning Theory

A helpful glossary of words and concepts concludes this book. Professor Gordon includes music examples throughout, and on the accompanying CD he demonstrates tonal patterns, rhythm patterns, songs, and chants.

Parents, early childhood teachers, and classroom instructors will all benefit from this resource that thoroughly explores the way newborns and young children best learn music.

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