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A Primer for the Visiting Organist

James Abbington, Robert J. Batastini, Carol A. Doran, David E Eicher, Scott A. Kumer, David W. Music, Don Saliers, Paul Westermeyer

Editor: Fred Moleck

© 2007 GIA.

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Pastoral music makers have talents that translate across denominations, and every now and then a musician might find him- or herself playing in unfamiliar territory (different order of service, different rituals, different traditions, different musical styles, etc.). The question of how to adapt to another pattern of worship may arise, creating a great deal of confusion or stress for the musician. A Primer for the Visiting Organist, edited by Fred Moleck, provides a comprehensive answer for anyone in this situation. This book includes insightful chapters by some of the foremost experts on music in worship that describe, in detail, what the visiting organist can expect when playing for one of the following eight religious traditions:

  • African American Protestant: Dr. James Abbington
  • Baptist: Dr. David Music
  • Episcopalian: Dr. Carol Doran
  • Reform Jewish: Mr. Scott Kumer
  • Lutheran: Dr. Paul Westermeyer
  • Presbyterian: Mr. David Eicher
  • Roman Catholic: Mr. Robert Batastini & Dr. Fred Moleck
  • United Methodist: Dr. Don Saliers

A Primer for the Visiting Organist covers everything from the order of service to the question of receiving communion. There is a wealth of information here—no organist should travel without it.

Categories: Formational Resources, Organ, Skill Building

Number of Pages: 89

Language: English

Format: Softcover