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Ash Wednesday

14 February 2024

Tried and True
A work that that has shown the test of time and is a staple in the libraries of many parish choirs.
A Lenten Prayer
G-3427 - Composer: Antonio Salieri, Arranger: Hal H. Hopson
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Staff Pick
Highlights a selection as being of particular interest for this liturgy.
Renew Me, O Eternal Light
G-3191 - Arranger: John Leavitt
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More great choral pieces for this liturgy
Mercy, O God
G-5453 - Composer: Francis Patrick O'Brien, Text Author: Francis Patrick O'Brien
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Lenten Proclamation
G-2761 - Composer: James Chepponis
Preview $2.20
A Broken Heart
G-7196 - Composer: Luke Mayernik, Text Author: Luke Mayernik
Preview $2.20
We Turn to Christ Anew
G-4476 - Composer: Ian Kellam, Text Author: Timothy Dudley-Smith
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Parce Domine / Ubi caritas
Lenten Processional
G-4356 - Composer: Jeremy Young
Preview $2.20
Before the Fruit Is Ripened by the Sun
G-4027 - Composer: Randall Sensmeier, Text Author: Thomas Troeger
Preview $2.20
Take Up Your Cross
G-6549 - Composer: Ronald Corp, Text Author: Ronald Corp
Preview $2.40
Shadows from the Cross
G-6173 - Composer: Randall Sensmeier, Text Author: Herman G. Stuempfle, Jr.
Preview $1.60
Now Is the Accepted Time
G-4437 - Composer: Daniel C. Meyer
Preview $2.20
O Lord God
G-7944 - Composer: Edward Eicker
Preview $2.00
Cleanse the Thoughts of Our Hearts
G-4940 - Composer: Bob Moore
Preview $1.30
Have Mercy on Us
G-4618 - Composer: Scott Soper
Preview $2.20
Lord Jesus Christ
G-5905 - Composer: Carol Browning, Arranger: Kathy McGrath
Preview $1.40
Lord, You Are Good
007427 - Composer: Ed Bolduc
Preview $1.25
Don't Turn Away
G-7574 - Composer: Chris de Silva, Text Author: Chris de Silva
Preview $2.20
Del Señor Viene la Misericordia / With the Lord There is Mercy (Ps. 13)
Salmo / Psalm 130
012641 - Composer: Mary Frances Reza
Preview $1.50
From Deep Distress and Troubled Thoughts
G-5082 - Text Author: Isaac Watts, Arranger: Alice Parker
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Be with Me, Lord
G-6662 - Composer: Ken Macek, Arranger: Paul A. Tate
Preview $2.40
Create in Me / Crea en Mí
G-8273 - Composer: Tony Alonso, Arranger: Chris de Silva
Preview $2.50
The Cleansing
G-5700 - Composer: Raymond H. Haan
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Resources from GIA and WLP Hymnals and missals for this liturgy as found in the GIA Quarterly Magazine.


Selections from GIA & WLP's Permanent hymnals.

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Selections from WLP's renewable resources

Responsorial Psalms for Mass

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Responsorial Psalms with verses from the Abbey Psalms and Canticles

Be Merciful, O Lord - PDF
Psalm for Ash Wednesdays
D-1036006 - Composer: Marty Haugen
Preview $2.00
Ash Wednesday ABC / First Sunday of Lent A - PDF
D-10374025 - Composer: Michel Guimont
Preview $2.00
Ash Wednesday ABC / First Sunday of Lent A - PDF
D-10600024 - Composer: Patricia Craig
Preview $2.00
The Lyric Psalter, Solemnities, Feasts, and Other Occasions | Download Edition - PDF
Abbey Psalms and Canticles
D-10360 - Composer: Tony Alonso
Preview $23.00

Responsorial Psalms with verses from the Revised Grail Psalter

First Sunday of Lent A / Ash Wednesday ABC - PDF
D-9260024 - Composer: Patricia Craig
Preview $2.00
Ash Wednesday and First Sunday of Lent A - PDF
D-8150025 - Composer: Michel Guimont
Preview $2.00
Ash Wednesday / First Sunday of Lent A - PDF
D-8151024 - Composer: Patricia Craig
Preview $2.00
Ash Wednesday ABC / First Sunday of Lent A - PDF
D-8152024 - Composer: Kenneth W. Louis
Preview $2.00
Ash Wednesday ABC / First Sunday of Lent A - PDF
Miércoles De Ceniza ABC / Primer Domingo De Cuaresma A
D-8153024 - Composer: John Schiavone
Preview $2.00
Be Merciful, O Lord / I Will Rise and Go to My Father
G-7523 - Composer: Thomas Savoy
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Responsorial Psalms with verses from the Lectionary For Mass

Ash Wednesday - PDF
Be merciful, O Lord, for we have sinned.
D-e03383017 - Composer: Bedford, Michael
Preview $2.00
Be Merciful, O Lord, for We Have Sinned
G-10463 - Composer: Rob Galea
Preview $2.40

Imposition of Ashes

Here are some options from the GIA catalog that can be used for the Imposition of Ashes


For decades GIA has been a leading publisher of texts and tunes for congregational singing. Unbound makes thousands of those hymns available at the click of a button. Selections previously published in text and tune collections can now be purchased as PDF downloads with full accompaniment included. New material will be added on a rolling basis, featuring works by today's best writers and composers. While provides permissions for congregational use, Unbound provides full scores for instrumentalists and music leaders.
Here are hymns from the Unbound Series that may be suitable for this celebration.
Sign Us with Ashes - PDF
D-686152 - Composer: William Rowan, Text Author: Mary Louise Bringle
Preview $2.50
Have Mercy, God, upon My Life - PDF
D-897315 - Composer: Hugh Wilson, Text Author: David Gambrell
Preview $2.50
I Come to You, My Steadfast God - PDF
D-U00552 - Composer: Thomas Tallis, Text Author: Jacque B. Jones
Preview $2.50
Have Mercy On Me, Savior - PDF
Psalm 51
D-U01195 - Text Author: Angela Renecker
Preview $2.50
On This Day, Sun of Justice - PDF
D-00643347 - Composer: Bob Moore, Text Author: Alan J. Hommerding
Preview $2.50
Rising to Fall - PDF
D-1014919 - Composer: Carlton R. Young, Text Author: Mary Louise Bringle
Preview $2.50
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