The Musician's Being - Book

James Jordan, Dominic Gregorio, Mark Moliterno

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May this book serve to mend with gold our individual lives, and collectively to sing together toward the future.

—Makoto Fujimura, from the Foreword

Twenty years after the publication of his landmark work The Musician’s Soul, James Jordan returns to themes of musicianship, human connection, and artistry—but with depth and insight only possible with twenty years of additional perspective.

Jordan explores our need for humility in music making and the importance of “slow art” for all musicians and teachers in this fast information age. He reflects on the loneliness of musicians and draws on yoga concepts to explore our deepest places. And he advocates, with contributions from Dominic Gregorio and Mark Moliterno, the gift of abundances and learning to breathe “as” another.

The Musician’s Being, like its predecessor, is filled with inspiring, thought-provoking quotations, enlightened ideas and insights, and a contagious passion for the art of music making. Jordan has written another profound guide to musicianship and to “being” that miracle of artistry and human experience.

James Jordan is Professor and Senior Conductor at Westminster Choir College in Princeton, New Jersey, where he conducts the acclaimed Westminster Williamson Voices. He is also Artistic Director and Conductor of the professional ensemble The Same Stream Choir (, and Co-Director of the Choral Institute at Oxford ( He has published over 60 books and resources for music educators and conductors that are read around the world.

Dominic Gregorio (1977–2019) served as Associate Professor and Director of Choral Activities at the University of Regina in Canada. He collaborated with James Jordan on several notable publications, including Discovering ChantThe Musician's Spirit, and The Musician's Being

Mark Moliterno is an accomplished professional opera singer, voice teacher, yoga teacher, IAYT-certified Yoga Therapist, workshop leader, and author who is known as a specialist in helping people understand and uncover their authentic voices.


Enjoy this discussion of The Musician’s Being featuring Makoto Fujimura, Irene Gregorio, Alec Harris, Mark Moliterno, and Mike Scheibe. The hour is filled with enlightened, thought-provoking ideas and insights, and a contagious passion for the art of music making.

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