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The Conductor as Leader

Principles of Leadership Applied to Life on the Podium

Ramona M. Wis

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Certain to bring a new level of excellence to all.
—Tim Lautzenheiser

How do you inspire the musicians in front of you, help them to catch the fire of your vision for the group, and learn to work together as people, instead of just learning to sing or play on the beat together?

How do you lead them?

The leadership role of conductors is, on the one hand, obvious. As leaders, conductors have the job of cueing entrances, holding fermati, and executing final cutoffs with a flourish.

But there is so much more to musical leadership: Vision, Trust, Persuasion, and Character are just a few of the concepts explored in this remarkable volume that brings the wealth of leadership literature to bear on the business of running a musical ensemble.

Think Stephen Covey (of 7 Habits fame) meets Benjamin Zander (of the Boston Philharmonic).

At last there is a book that applies the principles business leaders have turned to for years to the task of leading a musical ensemble. Whether you stand before a fourth grade chorus or a philharmonic orchestra, The Conductor as Leader will inspire you to go beyond teaching notes and rhythms to learning how to build connections between people that enhance their quality of life—and their musical performance.

Dr. Ramona Wis is the Mimi Rolland Endowed Professor in the Fine Arts and Professor of Music at North Central College in Naperville, Illinois.  She is also Director of Choral Activities, conducting the Concert Choir, Women’s Chorale, and the Chamber Singers and teaching courses in conducting, methods, and servant leadership.

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