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Teaching Music through Performance in Orchestra - Volume 4 - Book

Brenda Brenner, Robert Gillespie, Soo Han, Mark Laycock, James Mick, David Pope, Christopher Selby, James Woomert

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Series: Teaching Music Through Performance


Compiled and Edited by James Mick, David Pope, and Soo Han.

Chapter authors: Brenda Brenner, Robert Gillespie, Soo Han, Mark Laycock, James Mick, Christopher Selby, and James Woomert.

This much-anticipated fourth volume in the indispensable Teaching Music through Performance in Orchestra series arrives 13 years after the publication of the previous volume, with a new team of authors and editors, each at the top of the string education profession. But while the team is new, the book remains an essential resource for today’s string teachers and conductors at all levels.

Part I features practical chapters by leading educators: “Selecting and Teaching Concert Music” by Christopher Selby; “Preparing for the Podium” by James Mick; “Begin with the Score: Making Notation Come Alive” by Mark Laycock; “From Poof to Portato: A Sequence of Bow Strokes for the Heterogeneous Class” by Brenda Brenner; “NRB (Notes, Rhythm, and Bow): Systematic Ways of Providing Technique in the Orchestra Classroom” by Soo Han; “Bowing Styles for the Ages: What Are They? How Do They Sound? When Do I Use Them? How Do I Get My School Orchestra to Play Them?” by Robert Gillespie; “If Only We Had More Rehearsal Time! Strategies for Optimizing Rehearsal Efficiency and Performance Preparedness that Have Nothing to Do With Conducting” by James Woomert.

Part II contains analyses of 92 of the most significant works for string and full orchestra in print, Grades 1 through 6. Like the first three volumes of this series, each Teacher Resource Guide includes essential information on each musical selection, including composer and composition information, historical background, technical requirements, stylistic considerations, musical elements (form and structure), suggestions for additional listening, and a guide to selected references.

Click HERE to access a spreadsheet with recommended recordings for works in Volume 4.

A Note about Volume 5:

In preparation for Volume 5 of this hallmark series, we welcome your input as we seek to include more repertoire from historically underrepresented composers. For more details, please reivew the following PDF and use the Google Form below to submit your suggested works.

PDF: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the TMPO Series

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