Teaching Music through Performance in Orchestra - Volume 2

Michael Allen, Lou Bergonzi, Jacquelyn Dillon-Krass, Robert Gillespie, James Kjelland, Dorothy Straub

Editor: David Littrell

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Series: Teaching Music Through Performance


By Michael AllenLouis BergonziJacquelyn DillonRobert GillespieJames Kjelland, and Dorothy Straub. Compiled and edited by David Littrell.

The practical advice and undeniably helpful analysis found in the first volume of Teaching Music through Performance in Orchestra continues with Volume 2. Written, researched, and compiled by scholars with a wealth of teaching experience, this book is literally packed with indispensable information for music educators!

Part I of the book contains essays penned by six successful orchestra teachers. Chapters include "A Pedagogical Model for Beginning String Class Instruction: Revisited" by Michael Allen, "Whadya get?: Evaluation, Recognition, Motivation, and Competition and School Orchestra Programs" by Louis Bergonzi, "Playing in Tune: A Number One Priority!" by Jacquelyn Dillon, "Repertoire-based Warm-ups" by Robert Gillespie, "Building Musicianship in the Orchestra Rehearsal" by James Kjelland, and "Assessment: It’s a Good Thing for Orchestra" by Dorothy Straub. These expert "words of wisdom" are sure to both help and inspire teachers in the classroom.

Part II contains a nuts-and-bolts analysis of 100 of the most significant works for strings and full orchestra, Grades 1 through 6. Researched and compiled by scholarly musicians and teachers across the country, this section gives important information on each musical selection, including composer and composition information, historical background, technical requirements, stylistic considerations, musical elements (form and structure), suggestions for additional listening and a guide to selected references.

As a reference guide or a college-level text, Teaching Music through Performance in Orchestra, Volume 2 is an ideal tool for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of his or her music repertoire.

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