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Songs between Friends

Seventeen Hymn Tunes by Carlton Young for Texts by Shirley Erena Murray

Carlton R. Young

Text Author: Shirley Erena Murray

Words © Hope Publishing Co. Music © GIA. Individual copyrights may apply.


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GIA Publications is honored to release this small collection of hymn tunes by noted composer, editor and hymnologist Carlton “Sam” Young. All of the tunes in this collection were written for texts by the noted New Zealand text author Shirley Erena Murray. These “songs between friends” are a true collaboration by friends and colleagues working literally half a world apart. Here you’ll find “traditional” hymns alongside lyrical art songs for congregations, and even some jazz-inspired tunes. This delightful volume includes a beautiful preface by the noted hymn text author Mel Bringle.

Categories: Hymn Tune Collection

Number of Pages: 44

Language: English

Format: Softcover