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Sing with the World - Songbook and CD edition

Global Songs for Children

John L. Bell, Alison Adam

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Series: Iona


A global tour in song!

  Sing with the World:
Global Songs for Children

These global songs have been selected and edited by John Bell and Alison Adam, members of the Iona Community in Scotland. Both John and Alison have extensive experience teaching and singing world music with people of all ages. These songs are accessible—many of them instantly singable—and they have been chosen for use with children in a wide variety of worship and classroom situations. This handy collection is a valuable tool to help enlighten children to the ways of other cultures through the global language of music. Send the children home with these songs on their lips and soon the adults will want to sing along!

• Words and music for 24 songs from 23 countries
• Options for simple harmony, descants, and cantor parts
• Simplified accompaniments suitable for student players
• Indigenous languages, as well as English translations and pronunciation help
• Suggested topics for each song, indexed for quick reference
• Extensive notes containing thematic and worship suggestions

All 24 songs contained in this collection were recorded by Pro Musica, a children’s chorus from the Chicagoland area, under the direction of William Chin. The recording is meant to demonstrate a model for style and also provides enjoyable listening. 

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