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Learn Conducting Technique with the Swiss Exercise Ball

Developing Kinclusive Conducting Awareness

James Jordan

© 2004 GIA.

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Series: Evoking Sound


“There is no doubt in my mind about the pedagogical potency of the use of the Swiss Ball for conducting study. This simple device transfers responsibility for teaching from heretofore used verbal explanations to a new world of instruction that uses body awareness as the primary vehicle.” - James Jordan

Learn Conducting Technique with the Swiss Exercise Ball Traditional conducting methods rely on how conductors look––not how they feel.
James Jordan’s groundbreaking Learn Conducting Technique with the Swiss Exercise Ball takes the study of conducting beyond the mechanics to a higher plane.
Using the Swiss Exercise Ball, everyone from the most experienced conductor to the beginner can tie into a state of awareness that opens the door to increased musical expression and kinesthetic awareness.
With the aid of a Swiss Exercise Ball and the Body Mapping techniques described in this book, conductors can reach a new level of artistic expression and mastery.

The Swiss Exercise Ball is available in four sizes from GIA Publications, and each comes with a pump. Choose the ball size based on the height of the conductor.
45 cm ball, under 5’ tall (G-6575)
55 cm ball, 5’ to 5’8” tall (G-6576)
65 cm ball, 5’9” to 6’3” tall (G-6577)
75 cm ball, 6’3” and taller (G-6578) 

Categories: Conducting, Method, Skill Building

Number of Pages: 120

Language: English

Format: Softcover

Discipline: Choir