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Intermediate Measures of Music Audiation (Grades 1-6) - IMMA Complete Kit - Book

Edwin E. Gordon

© 1979, 1986 GIA.

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Series: Music Learning Theory (MLT)


Two aptitude tests designed to diagnose and measure music potential:

* The only brief, longitudinally valid music aptitude tests for Grades K-6.
* Crucial in helping music teachers adapt instruction to the individual musical needs of their students.
* Requires no reading or music skills. The administration time is at most two 20-minute periods.

Both tests have a similar design. The “Primary” test is recommended for use with younger children (K-3). The “Intermediate” test is recommended for older children or younger children who find the “Primary” test too simple.

Test materials and how they work:

1. Children take the test by simply listening to a tonal cassette and a rhythm cassette. Each tape is only 12 minutes long.

2. Questions on the tape are identified on the answer sheet by pictures, not numbers or words. The children must decide whether pairs of tonal or rhythm patterns they hear sound the same or different. They indicate their choice by simply drawing a circle around the picture on the answer sheet. These tests require no reading skills.

3. The answer sheets can be corrected quickly by using scoring masks. Raw scores are directly converted to percentile ranks in the manual.

4. A profile card is used for each child for individual documentation and the interpretation of scores. The tonal and rhythm results are graphically compared for each child.

5. A class record sheet helps interpret the test scores for the entire class.

6. The manual gives complete information for administering, scoring, and interpreting test results. The manual also makes suggestions for formal and informal music instruction, and includes a discussion on the nature and description of music aptitude, as well as a comprehensive bibliography.

Complete kit includes: 100 rhythm answer sheets, 100 tonal answer sheets, CD with tonal and rhythm tests, introduction to testing booklet and two research monographs, one set of scoring masks, manual, 100 student profile cards, and four class record sheets. Items also available separately.

Categories: Assessment/Testing, Children/Youth

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Language: English

Format: Book

Discipline: General Music