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Habits of a Successful Beginner Mariachi Músico - Armonía (Guitar/Vihuela)

John Nieto, Scott Rush

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Series: Habits


Habits of a Successful Beginner Mariachi Músico is a field-tested, vital, and – most important – musical collection of over 100 sequenced exercises to build fundamentals in a beginner mariachi program. Perfect for use by an entire ensemble or solo player, this series contains carefully sequenced exercises for violin, trumpet, guitar/vihuela, and guitarrón that also include rhythm vocabulary charts, musical terms, and activities to teach idiomatic genres and styles. In one place, this series presents everything an aspiring player needs to build fundamental musicianship skills and then transfer those skills directly into the performance of great mariachi literature.

Habits of a Successful Beginner Mariachi Músico will provide the aspiring mariachi musician with the proper fundamentals necessary to grow in the mariachi genre. The exercises help to capture the essence of this beautiful music that will guide every student to the right path in the world of mariachi.

—Jose L. Hernandez
    Mariachi Sol de Mexico

The method that Mr. Nieto has created not only allows the students to be set up for success but also the instructor. The method flows in a way that the student will build and reinforce fundamental skills while learning the style and technique that is exclusive to the mariachi genre. The interaction between instructor and student is crucial in developing first sounds and building proper technique.

—Ramon Niño III
    Head Director
    Mariachi Espuelas de Plata
    North Side High School, Fort Worth ISD

Habits of a Successful Beginner Mariachi Músico is a great beginner method. Mr. Nieto pays careful attention to beginner fundamentals, first-year tendencies, and student set-up. I really appreciate how he uses visual cues and guides on each instrument that reinforce what each lesson is introducing. Each activity is carefully thought out and sequenced to set up the student for success. I especially like how he has a translation for everything in the book so students can learn the English and Spanish terms. I am beyond excited to see this method being used by beginners in all mariachi programs.

—Wendy Imelda Martinez
    Associate Director
    North Side High School
    Texas Region V Mariachi Chair
    Texas Association of Mariachi Educators

John Nieto is the Mariachi Director at Brackenridge High School in San Antonio, Texas.

Scott Rush is the team leader for the Habits series.

Categories: Beginner/Young, Method

Number of Pages: 40

Format: Softcover

Discipline: Band