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Dialogues, Volume 2: Weston Noble, Charles Bruffy, James Jordan - CD

Conversations between Musicians

Weston H. Noble, James Jordan


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Listen in on a conversation as one of America's great choral conductors, Weston Noble, shares his ideas and beliefs with other notable choral conductors Charles Bruffy and James Jordan. This inspirational Volume 2 of the Dialogues series contains comprehensive and far-reaching dialogue on the principles that have guided Weston Noble throughout his rich and illustrious career spanning more than sixty years. It is the first time he has talked in one recorded discussion about the facets of his journey as a choral conductor that he feels have been both life changing and life enriching. Also included are in-depth discussions among three of America's most renowned choral conductors concerning the nature and importance of spirituality for musicians and the music-making journey—an issue important not only to them but to any musician. Among the topics covered are
  • Spirituality
  • The Body, Mind, Spirit connection
  • Vulnerability
  • The role of feeling function
  • The teachings of Karl Jung and their importance to all musicians name just a few. Also, James Jordan summarizes Rene Girard's Mimetic Theory and its relevance to choral ensembles and conductors.

This CD set will be an invaluable resource for both conductors and choral singers who desire to explore more deeply the inner journey necessary for any musician.

Music is the Home of the Spirit...
—Weston Noble

This was an unusual and uncanny experience for the three of us to talk about many things that normally remain hidden behind a curtain.
—Charles Bruffy

The value of every painful experience in life provides me with growth. I can never be strong until I find, uncover, and have the courage to deal with my weaknesses.
—Weston Noble

Music has the ability to open us...
—James Jordan

Weston Noble is a highly accomplished music educator and con-ductor. He is best known for his fifty-seven year tenure, from 1948 to 2005, as conductor of The Nordic Choir at Luther College in Decorah, Iowa.
Charles Bruffy is one of the most admired choral conductors in the United States. He is Artistic Director of the Phoenix Bach Choir and the Kansas City Chorale, and is noted as a leading interpreter of new works for a cappella choir. He is publisher of his own choral series with The Roger Dean Company.
James Jordan, widely acknowledged as one of the most influential choral conductors in America, is Associate Professor of Conducting and Senior Conductor at the Westminster Choir College of Rider University, the foremost center for the study and performance of choral music in the world.

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