Audie Kit - Book

A Game for Understanding and Analyzing Your Child's Music Potential

Edwin E. Gordon

© 1989 GIA.

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Series: Music Learning Theory (MLT)


Most parents intuitively play musical games and activities with their young children, putting into practice what research has only recently established: the early years are vital in each child's musical growth and development.

AUDIE is a game designed to enhance your child's musical growth—to serve as a foundation for the other musical games and activities you play with your child. At the same time, AUDIE will give you vital information about your child's individual musical needs. Best of all, AUDIE is fun. Your child will want to play again and again and again, alone or together with you.

The kit includes a guide for parents and a CD. The guide contains suggestions for teaching music to your children (no music ability necessary), instructions, game sheets, pages to track your child's musical growth, and other important information. The CD, which has a total of 15 tracks, contains the two AUDIE games—one for melody (AUDIE-M), the other for rhythm (AUDIE-R)—and an additional 13 tracks with music listening selections.

AUDIE was develped by Edwin E. Gordon, a world leader in the music education field.

Downloads for Game Sheets, Profile Cards, and MP3 files:

Game Sheet for AUDIE-M
Game Sheet for AUDIE-R
Profile Cards
Download MP3 Files

Edwin E. Gordon was Distinguished Professor in Residence at the University of South Carolina and author of more than eighteen books. Professor Gordon and his work have been portrayed nationally and internationally on the NBC Today Show, in The New York Times, in USA Today, and in a variety of European and Asian publications.

Categories: Assessment/Testing, Early Childhood

Number of Pages: 36

Format: Book

Discipline: General Music