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Music and worship resources from the Iona Community of Scotland / Wild Goose Publications

GIA proudly serves as the American publisher for the Iona Community / Wild Goose Publications of Scotland. Music and other resources in this series are based in the call to action toward social and environmental justice and peace. The featured composer/arranger of this series is John L. Bell.

Tried and True

Two Songs of Hope and Healing from South Africa
We Walk His Way / Come, Bring Your Burdens to God
G-7627 - Arranger: Anders Nyberg
Preview $2.20
A Wee Worship Book - 4th Incarnation
G-4425 - Composer: John L. Bell
The Singing Thing
A Case for Congregational Song
G-5510 - Composer: John L. Bell, Text Author: John L. Bell
Te Ensalzaré Señor / I Will Praise You, O Lord
G-5156 - Composer: John L. Bell
Preview $2.40
Take This Moment
G-5166 - Composer: John L. Bell
Preview $2.40
Two Processional Songs
Hamba Nathi / Come with Me and Alleluia
G-8539 - Composer: John L. Bell
Preview $2.20
Ten Things They Never Told Me about Jesus
A Beginner's Guide to a Larger Christ
G-7785 - Composer: John L. Bell
Two Songs from Swaziland
Thula - Amen, Alleluia / Sizohamba - We Will Walk with God
Preview $2.00
Sing with the World - Songbook edition
Global Songs for Children
G-7339 - Composer: John L. Bell
Preview $15.95
We Walk His Way
Shorter Songs for Worship
G-7403 - Composer: John L. Bell
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