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A Wee Worship Book - 5th Incarnation

John L. Bell

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Series: Iona


The fifth edition of A Wee Worship Book is not a revision of any of the previous incarnations. The vast majority of the material included here has never been published before, but it has passed through the minds and lips of people on both sides of the Atlantic and in continental Europe. One of the practices of the Wild Goose Resource Group is not to let anything appear in print unless the people of God in different places have given their general approval. In this collection, there are six morning liturgies, six evening liturgies, and an order for Holy Communion with a range of alternative invitations and prayers. The appendix includes four contemporary affirmations of faith and fourteen chants and sung responses. Introductory sections allude to good practice in leading and in sharing corporate reflection on Scripture. The worship material contained here is not intended to replace favorite or revered texts of the church, but rather to add to the stock of liturgical resources from which both lay and ordained people can draw. Worship, at its best, is not a prescription to be followed, but a tapestry for God in which all are continually engaged.

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Number of Pages: 128

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