Re-edited and re-engraved best-selling GIA titles.

This series breathes new life into the treasures of the GIA catalog The pieces in this series also represent some of GIA’s best-selling titles. These editions are re-edited, re-engraved, and reprinted for discovery by a whole new generation of choir directors and singers.

Tried and True

Alleluia Round
G-6325 - Composer: William Boyce, Arranger: Richard Proulx
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Choral Fanfare for Christ the King
G-5310 - Composer: H. Hamilton Smith, Text Author: H. Hamilton Smith
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Amazing Grace
G-6389 - Text Author: John Newton, Arranger: Richard Proulx
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He Is Risen, Alleluia!
G-5581 - Composer: Eugene Englert, Text Author: Eugene Englert
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Hymn to the Holy Spirit
G-5640 - Text Author: Rabanus Maurus, Arranger: Randolph N. Currie
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In Memory of You
G-5722 - Composer: C. Alexander Peloquin, Text Author: C. Alexander Peloquin
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Bless the Lord, O My Soul
G-6125 - Composer: Mikhail Ippolitov-Ivanov, Arranger: Arthur Becker
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The Call
Two Fishermen / How Brightly Deep
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Ubi caritas et amor
Where True Charity and Love Are Found
G-5513 - Arranger: Richard Proulx
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God So Loved the World
G-7824 - Composer: Noël Goemanne
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