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We're very proud to feature this new list of resources for 2023. Explore the new releases below, or browse our entire 2023 Music Education Catalog on your computer or device.

Resources for All Teachers

Social Emotional Learning for the Pre-Service and In-Service Music Teacher
A Guide for Developing SEL Competencies
Michelle McConkey & Scott N. Edgar
This practical guide takes teachers through thirteen sequential units designed to hone important self-care and SEL skills, such as regulating emotions, resolving conflict, managing stress, and building positive relationships.

Each unit is structured around the three core pillars of SEL—Identity, Belonging, and Agency—and offers connections for both pre-service and in-service music teachers.
Realizing Diversity
An Equity Framework for Music Education
Karen Howard
Realizing Diversity by Karen Howard is a groundbreaking and practical resource for crafting diverse and anti-bias music education in classrooms, ensembles, and studios at all levels—from preschool to university and community settings.

At the book’s core is an Anti-Bias Framework intended to help music educators gain confidence and comfort in designing music curricula that are just, equitable, and make participants feel safe and welcome.
A Music Pedagogy for Our Time
Conversation and Critique
Frank Abrahams
In A Music Pedagogy for Our Time, Frank Abrahams and his colleagues offer solutions. The authors provide a framework so music teachers can both be aware of these issues and create supportive opportunities for students to learn—without compromising the goals that have been and will continue to be the foundation of school music programs. Each chapter in this book focuses on a topic that defines a problem and then poses potential solutions.
A Practical Guide to Studio Teaching in Higher Education
Training for, Obtaining, and Succeeding in Applied Music Positions
Scott Watson & Jerry Young
Drawn from the authors’ combined eighty years of experience in higher education and their mentorship of young colleagues, this book is a needed and comprehensive guide to thriving as an applied studio faculty member at the collegiate level.
A Handbook for Charter School Music Educators
David Hedgecoth
This concise handbook, written by David M. Hedgecoth of The Ohio State University, offers practical tools and information for music educators who accept charter positions and are tasked with beginning or sustaining a music program at their school. Essential reference material for any music educator or administrator looking to deliver quality music instruction to charter school students.
The Music Teacher's Guide to Engaging English Language Learners
Angela Ammerman
Very few music teachers are prepared to address the needs of the rapidly growing population of English Language Learners (ELLs). Whether you have just one ELL in your classroom or 50, this book provides discipline-specific tips, strategies, examples, classroom management recommendations and much more.
What Every Musician Needs to Know About the Body
Revised Edition
Bridget Jankowski
This primer for all musicians provides a reliable base for a lifetime of playing and singing. The principles in these pages are the elemental foundation of music education, and will protect a musician from injury, promote the physical freedom and sensitivity needed for technical mastery, and secure the embodied intelligence that grounds musical power and subtlety.
Assessment in Music Education: Theory, Practice, and Policy
Selected Papers from the Eighth International Symposium on Assessment in Music Education
Timothy S. Brophy, Marshall Haning & Andreas Lehmann-Wermser
The papers published in this volume illustrate current scholarship in the theory, practice, and policy of music education assessment across the world in local, state, and national contexts. In addition, this collection contains a summary of an important international working session focused on developing shared meaning and language to facilitate international discussions of assessment and related topics in music education.
Your Music Career Is NOT Over
Surviving Challenges, Setbacks, Injuries, and Failures
Rick Mattingly
Every musician has had career disappointments, challenges, and even failures. Often, when faced with discouraging experiences, musicians may feel that their career is over—or is never going to start. How do musicians overcome these challenges to find success? In this publication, a diversity of successful musicians relate a variety of situations that seemed devastating at the time, but that they overcame, learned from, and triumphed over.

Resources for General Music

Songs and Games from Tanzania
Kedmon Mapana & Karen Howard
This beautiful collection of songs and games for elementary and middle school students showcases the vibrant and varied musical traditions of Tanzania, and in particular those of the Wagogo people of central Tanzania.
Waltzing Matilda
John M. Feierabend
“You’ll come a-waltzing” with this lively Australian folk song, part of a series of captivating picture books based on beloved songtales collected by John M. Feierabend.

Chock-full of whimsical Australian vocabulary, this book depicts the rugged adventures of a traveling worker (“swagman”) as he journeys across the Australian countryside, encountering both good fortune and trouble along the way.

Resources for Band

Habits of a Successful Beginner Band Musician
A Comprehensive Method Book for Year One and Beyond
Scott Rush & Jeff Scott
Habits of a Successful Beginner Band Musician is a field-tested, vital, and—most important—musical collection of 225 sequenced exercises for the beginning band student. The book’s cutting-edge online component, Habits Universal, features a backend gradebook that allows students to submit video recordings of their performances as a primary source of assessment.
Choosing Help Over Hurt
Successful Habits for Teaching Band in Underserved Communities
Linard McCloud & Scott Rush
Children should never be defined by their neighborhoods, their zip codes, or their bank accounts. All students are teachable, regardless of their financial situation. This resource is about making a difference in young people’s lives, one student at a time.
Habits of a Successful Music Education Student
Mary Land & Scott Rush
This book is a fantastic and important addition to the series and a much-needed resource for the collegiate music education curriculum! Scott Rush and Mary Land provide a wealth of materials, knowledge, and wisdom for prospective instrumental music teachers while including a sequential curriculum and valuable topics for discussion for an instrumental methods course.
Rehearsing the Concert and Marching Percussion Ensemble
James Campbell
The contributing authors of this publication are internationally recognized as percussion artists and pedagogues. They share their own thoughts and strategies to help the reader deliver more engaging rehearsals and performances that focus on the percussion ensemble. The authors’ inspiring stories will help each reader lead their own ensembles to higher degrees of understanding and musical accomplishment.
Teaching Music through Performance in Band
Video Rehearsal Series
Andrew Trachsel & Eugene Migliaro Corporon
This extraordinary video series is a true in-depth masterclass for some of the most significant works for wind band published for Grades 2 and 3 in recent years, prepared by Andrew Trachsel and Eugene Corporon and performed by their world famous ensembles. Each 30-minute video shows Trachsel and Corporon hone and shape a work from the landmark resource Teaching Music through Performance in Band, Volume 12.
Brass Methods
An Essential Resource for Educators, Conductors, and Students
David Kish
This book was designed for use in a heterogenous brass methods class and as a reference source for school band and orchestra directors. It provides concise descriptions and recommendations for all brass instruments, including instrument similarities and differences, breath support, historical perspective, and transposition. The information is easily accessible and provides in-depth, yet practical knowledge for music educators, conductors, and students.
GIA WindWorks Series
GIA WindWorks Series
GIA WindWorks Series

Resources for Orchestra

The Audition Method for Violin
Volume 1
David Kim
The Audition Method for Violin is for aspiring and established violinists looking to win orchestral auditions. This book can be used throughout the entire process of preparing for an audition, including at the audition itself.

Resources for Choir / Vocal

Choral Diversity
A Mosaic of Historical Composers and Compositions
Dennis Shrock
Written by noted scholar and conductor Dennis Shrock, Choral Diversity is a presentation of composers throughout history who represent the broad and diverse canon of choral music. Included are twenty women composers and ten composers of color, many of whom have been previously underrepresented in studies and in performances.
The Voices I Hear
A Philosophical and Practical Approach to the Choral Art
Will Kesling
Drawing from his five decades of success as a conductor and educator in the choral field, Will Kesling has compiled a comprehensive choral methods resource that addresses every necessary fundamental for achieving artistry in the choral art.
The Business of Choir
A Choral Leader's Guide for Organizational Growth
Emily Williams Burch & Alex Gartner
Written by two authors with extensive experience building choral programs from the ground up, The Business of Choir offers new insights, best practices, and practical action items for choral leaders looking to master the organizational and administrative elements of running a successful choral program.
Flexible Motets
Nine SA(T)B Miniatures for Conducting Study, School Choirs, and Church Choirs
Richard Nance
This collection of motets for SA(T)B voices is the ideal supplement for advanced choral conducting and rehearsal methods courses. Each brief motet incorporates musical characteristics that require conductors to execute a variety of skills and techniques, including dynamic changes, cues and preparations, tempo changes, legato and staccato patterns, the use of the left hand, and more.
A Quick Start Guide to Choral Singing
Matthew Bumbach & Dean Luethi
From rehearsal procedures to reading music, new singers have a lot to learn when they join a choir. This practical and compact guide, written by experienced choral conductors Matthew Bumbach and Dean Luethi, covers all the basics.

With simple language and bite-sized chapters, this guide is perfect for novice choristers in many settings.
The Contemporary Singer's Blueprint
From Amateur to Professional and Beyond
Jill Switzer
Written by a career vocalist, this valuable blueprint provides readers with the professional insight and practical steps for building a top notch, profitable singing career. Enlightening anecdotes, encouraging pep talks, veteran’s words of wisdom, and tricks of the trade that only the pros know guide the contemporary vocalist through the mental, technical and physical challenges for achieving excellence in today’s music business.
Rehearsing the Vocal Jazz Ensemble
Daniel Gregerman
From philosophy, auditions, and lesson planning to improvisation and literature selection, this diverse group of nationally recognized educators at all levels discuss these topics and more. Each director practically walks you through a rehearsal! Whether you are a seasoned vocal jazz director or someone looking to get started, the authors’ concepts on running an outstanding vocal jazz program has something for everyone.
Intonational Solfege
A Contextual and Aurally Immersive Approach to Intonational Music Literacy
James Jordan
For the first time, James Jordan has developed a “spiraling” complete method for developing aural and intonational literacy in ALL the modes, at the same time expanding through inferential teaching patterns outside tonic, dominant, and subdominant. With newly composed accompanied exercises written by John Frederick Hudson and recorded tracks of all the exercises and patterns available for digital download, this method offers a comprehensive integration of Edwin Gordon’s Music Learning Theory and intonation teaching techniques developed by James Jordan.
Intimations of Immortality
GIA ChoralWorks Series
Michael John Trotta
The Song We Sing
GIA ChoralWorks Series
Missouri State University Chorale

Resources for Percussion

Beginning Duets for Snare Drum
Garwood Whaley
A highly organized systematic approach to reading and understanding rhythm for the beginning drummer/percussionist. The duets contained in this publication will aid in developing the rhythmic discipline necessary for band, orchestra and ensemble playing.
Advanced Duets for Snare Drum
Garwood Whaley
A collection of 15 artistically-composed works for performance during recitals, examinations, band and orchestra concerts, percussion ensemble performances, solo and ensemble festivals or simply as a means of developing musicianship and ensemble skills.
Fiddle Tunes for Marimba
Patrick Roulet
A collection of old-time American, Scottish, Irish, and English fiddle tunes transcribed for two-mallet marimba or xylophone with four-mallet marimba accompaniment. The fiddle tunes included in the collection were selected to introduce percussionists and mallet players to the rich traditions of American and European folk-dance music.
Show Drumming
An Expert's Guide to Theatre and Touring
Paul Hannah
Are you interested in a career as a drummer in musical theatre? Are you already working in the field and have questions? Are you heading out on a Broadway Show Tour and in need of advice? This is the book for you! Paul Hannah has spent 30 years in the arenas of musical theatre and show drumming and has compiled a wonderful guidebook filled with relevant topics, honest experiences and expert guidance.

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