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The Music Teacher's Guide to Engaging English Language Learners - Book

Angela Ammerman

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Contributors: Jaimie Abney-Giraldo • Angela Ammerman • Han Sol Chang • Charles R. Ciorba • Jeanne Crowley • Vivian Gonzalez • Monica Guido • Kristina Hamester • Essel Linton • Linda Apple Monson • Marcia Neel • Tony Sauza • Ida Steadman

Very few music teachers are prepared to address the needs of the rapidly growing population of English Language Learners (ELLs). Whether you have just one ELL in your classroom or 50, this book provides discipline-specific tips, strategies, examples, classroom management recommendations and much more. Written by experienced music educators with backgrounds in concert band, modern band, chorus, orchestra, mariachi, special education, higher education, general music and administration, this highly interactive text will guide you to reach optimal engagement with ALL students while addressing communication barriers.

Being in orchestra made me feel safe and welcome because we all speak the same language: music.

    Manila, Philippines

After music, I feel changed. I don’t feel sleepy and worrying, and also I’m not afraid of mistakes. I am wanting to play again.

    Chiang Mai, Thailand

It was like playing with others with no words. No words, yet we were able to understand what we wanted by looking at each other’s eyes, body motion, and listening to each other.

—Da Hoen
    Seoul, South Korea

Music brings people together. Music is about seeing myself in another and letting another see themselves in me.

—Larisa Brasov

Last year, I missed 150 days of school. I just didn’t go to school. This year, I haven’t missed a day… The only difference in my life is this program right here. This program has saved my life, and now, I am going to graduate.


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Number of Pages: 204

Format: Book