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Rehearsing the Concert and Marching Percussion Ensemble

James Campbell

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The contributing authors of this publication are internationally recognized as percussion artists and pedagogues. They share their own thoughts and strategies to help the reader deliver more engaging rehearsals and performances that focus on the percussion ensemble. The authors’ inspiring stories will help each reader lead their own ensembles to higher degrees of understanding and musical accomplishment.

The percussion ensemble is in many ways at the heart of my curriculum.

—Michael Burritt
    Eastman School of Music

My hope is that the hours spent in rehearsal serve the whole person and all of their music making experiences, regardless of the marching or concert setting.

—Julie Davila
    Middle Tennessee State University

The percussion experience is so unique in its combination of precision, expression, and uniformity.

—Thom Hannum
    University of Massachusetts Amherst
    DCI Hall of Fame

As I’ve gained more experience as an ensemble director, I realize I spend considerable time on the mental game of excellence.

—Colin McNutt
    Boston Crusaders Drum and Bugle Corps

In addition to learning great music, Percussion Ensemble is an important laboratory for the essential musical skills of accountability, leadership, and teamwork.

—Doug Perkins
    University of Michigan

I find any percussion ensemble to be a great vehicle to teach some fundamental concepts and principles of music.

—Paul Rennick
    University of North Texas
    Santa Clara Vanguard, DCI Hall of Fame

Rehearsals should be focused, efficient, and (most importantly) fun.

—David Skidmore
    Third Coast Percussion

Utilizing the percussion ensemble to teach technique and musicianship is a great approach for any program—and the music is amazing!

—Brian A. West
    Texas Christian University

Music is my conduit to develop the individual, and percussion ensemble allows me to develop musical and personal growth in a group setting.

—Eric Willie
    University of North Carolina Greensboro

This book will provide valuable insights for musical directions, stylistic interpretations, rehearsal technique, color blending, programming, and much more!

—She-e Wu
    Northwestern University

Not only is this book absolutely essential for school and college percussion teachers, it should be a ‘must read’ for all percussion pedagogy courses.

—Jason Baker
    Percussive Notes, April 2023

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