Virga Jesse Floruit

Brett C Ballard

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Vocal Forces: a cappella,SATB

Tune Name: Graduale romanum

Series: Music f/t Seasons


The striking choral writing will instantly touch you in this succinct and moving interpretation of "Virga Jesse Floruit" ("The rod of Jesse has blossomed") by Kentucky composer Brett Ballard. The haunting opening choral statement in E-minor seamlessly leads to an unmetered unison chant section in G mixolydian mode. An ingenious two-subject canon follows in a musical dialogue between the higher voices and the lower voices in B-flat minor. The two choral closing statements bring us back to the original tonality and musically paint the phrase ima summis . . . ("reconciling in himself the lowest with the highest"). The work concludes as calmly as it began. Quite a journey in thirty measures!

Seasonal: Christmas, Epiphany

Liturgical: Advent 4 Year A

Topical: Feast,Peace,Mother of God,Mary,Incarnation,Holy Family,Epiphany,Christmas,Advent

Language: Latin

Format: Octavo