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The Musician's Breath

The Role of Breathing in Human Expression

James Jordan, Mark Moliterno, Nova Thomas

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Series: Evoking Sound, Evoking Sound


"Just as we learn to trust higher powers, we must learn, as artists, to trust in the breath. Trusting this mystery—that within our breath we can transport the "that" which is our idea and our spirit into every sound that follows—must be the life of every creative artist and teacher."

— James Jordan, Chapter 17

"Breath is the connective tissue between the artist's internal intention and external, physical expression."

— Mark Moliterno, Chapter 14

"It seems impossible for breath to escape the body without opinion."

— Nova Thomas, Chapter 15

In this provocative book, James Jordan examines why and how the breath is the "delivery system" for human and musical ideas in performance. “The breath,” Dr. Jordan writes, “is the most magical and human thing we can engage as artists.”

This book makes a compelling case for the power of the breath and the power of submitting oneself to its miracles.

The Musician’s Breath is divided into two sections: The first discusses the “why” of breathing, while the second provides the “how” with practical applications for singers, instrumentalists, and conductors.

Co-authors and Westminster Choir College colleagues, voice teachers Mark Moliterno and Nova Thomas, add their unique perspectives through chapters on yoga and other paradigms that reveal the power of the breath. A companion DVD, The Musician's Breath DVD (DVD-844), guides viewers through yoga practices that can provide access points to understanding breath, free points of tension, and “holding” in the breathing process.

With The Musician’s Breath, all musicians—from choral directors to solo instrumentalists—will deepen their understanding of the miracle of human expression through breath. This pioneering book is also a passionate and compelling call for the use of the breath as a pedagogical tool for performers of all ages and levels. 

Categories: Philosophical/Inspirational, Skill Building

Number of Pages: 228

Language: English

Format: Hard Cover

Discipline: Choir