The Art of Competitive Show Choir - Book

Jen Randall

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Thinking about starting a competitive show choir? Hoping to infuse new energy into your current program with fresh ideas? Wondering what all the hype is about? Look no further!

The Art of Competitive Show Choir is the essential how-to guide for building and sustaining a thriving show choir program, perfect for new and seasoned professionals alike. With her hallmark wit and nearly two decades of experience, author Jen Randall offers a wealth of knowledge, wisdom, and tools that address every crucial aspect of the show choir world.

This resource tackles the topic from three equally important perspectives. In Part I, Randall addresses the critical question of why students and teachers participate in show choir and why schools and students benefit from such a program.

Part II delves into the all-important what of show choir, including what it takes to get started, what a successful program looks like, and what value there is in being part of a tight-knit ensemble. She also discusses the key role competition plays in pushing groups to strive for excellence as well as the valuable lessons it provides all participants.

Part III is a practical how-to guide with information on everything from how to audition students, schedule rehearsals, and successfully fundraise to selecting music, arrangers, instrumentalists, choreographers, costumes, and even appropriate competitive experiences for your group.

Randall rounds out this resource with an explanation of the typical yearly calendar for show choir directors, a glossary of key show choir terms, and a convenient list of dozens of online resources.

The Art of Competitive Show Choir is the first ever resource to cover the subject with such detail and authority—all while keeping the growth and development of the students at its core. A must-read for anyone in charge of a competitive group!

Jen Randall has nearly twenty years of experience as a choir and show choir director in the Midwest and Texas, where she started the state’s first competitive show choir. She currently travels the country doing clinic and consulting work for show choirs with her company Show Collective.

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