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Tender Hearted - Music Collection

Jeanne Cotter

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GIA is pleased to release an impassioned new recording from Jeanne Cotter. Tender Hearted is filled with songs that pour forth the message of God’s unconditional love. These songs tell the story of Christ’s heart of compassion and of his gentle yet untiring call for us to live as his disciples. Written for her three children, the title track “Tender Hearted” encourages us all to clothe ourselves “with kindness, patience, and humility” and to “live a life worthy of our calling.” The moving texts of “All Is Holy,” “The Way You Love Me,” and “In You, I Abide” remind us that we are called to be imitators of Christ—to build the kingdom through our acts of mercy, kindness, and compassion. The music of Tender Hearted is not just about our outward actions of grace and holiness toward others. It is also about the grace that God shows each of us daily. Songs like “Do Not Be Afraid,” “By Your Love,” and “ I’ll Walk by Your Side” are filled with encouraging words of hope and healing. Tender Hearted is quintessential Jeanne Cotter. When you listen, be prepared for your heart to swell with love, kindness, and peace.

Categories: Choral/Vocal, Collection

Language: English

Format: Octavo