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Teaching with Heart - Course Pack - 4 hrs of videos - Book

Tools for Addressing Societal Challenges through Music

Jason Max Ferdinand

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Includes course pack with activities and four hours of video interviews.

Includes access codes for 25 students.

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Digital purchase includes digital access to complete book and videos for 25 students. Physical purchase includes all of the digital items plus a physical copy of the book. 

Jason Max Ferdinand's book Teaching With Heart is the first book to directly help us address the societal issues in our choral rehearsals. Not attempting to separate the music from social issues, this new tool in the classroom uses musical examples to address uncomfortable topics and hopefully 'open minds and hearts.' Built to ask singers to read, watch, listen and then to respond and discuss, this resource has been developed with the help of nine outstanding contributors and ten composers and arrangers. I strongly urge you to take a look at this new resource for your classroom.

—Jo-Michael Scheibe, D.M.A.
    Professor, Department of Choral and Sacred Music
    Conductor, University of Southern California Thornton Chamber Singers

Teaching With Heart is a timely and relevant resource that offers a well-crafted, research-based approach to choral music education. Students will learn how diverse choral repertoire can be used as a tool to not only advance musicianship, but also as an access point for critical thinking and the enhancement of social emotional learning skills.

—Rollo A. Dilworth, D.Mus.
    Vice Dean and Professor of Choral Music Education
    Center for the Performing and Cinematic Arts, Temple University

Through valuable repertoire suggestions, listening examples, video interviews, quotes, and teaching activities, this resource provides designed lessons helping students apply, synthesize, evaluate, and comprehend music from an artistic perspective and, more importantly, a human perspective.

—Brandon Boyd, Ph.D.
    Assistant Professor Choral Conducting, Choral Music Education
    University of Missouri

'How would you suggest a Caucasian teacher talk about social justice issues with students of color?' a student from Georgia Southern University asked via ZOOM. Dr. Ferdinand responded by quoting from Teaching With Heart, specifically sharing inspiration from the module titled 'Justice, or Just Us?' Powerful conversation ensued and our future educators were immediately on fire to get ahold of these teaching tools! We are so grateful for Dr. Ferdinand's generous leadership and his extremely well-timed Choral Conductor's Compendium to help guide us through current times and into the future.

—Shannon Jeffreys, D.M.A.
    Director of Choral Activities
    Georgia Southern University

Jason Max Ferdinand serves as the Director of Choral Activities at the University of Maryland, College Park. He assumed the role in Fall of 2022. He maintains an active schedule as a presenter, adjudicator, and guest conductor for high schools, collegiate, and church choirs throughout North America, Asia, Europe, and the Caribbean.

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Number of Pages: 106

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