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Songs of the Questioner (GIA ChoralWorks|Spiritum) - CD

James Jordan, The Same Stream


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Series: GIA ChoralWorks


James Jordan and The Same Stream should be commended for this album. The Same Stream succeeds in presenting this collection of twenty-first century choral music with a high degree of technical accuracy. Their sectional balance is nearly perfect, and contains impeccable intonation. The performances on this recording should have a wide appeal to twenty-first century choral music enthusiasts.

— Gerrit S.C. Scheepers, Indiana, PA
     Choral Journal (September 2020)

These tracks represent the first full CD of a new American choral ensemble: The Same Stream. The choir’s very existence is the living result of questions regarding what it means to sing together within a deeply “knitted” community; a community that shares answers to commonly held questions and beliefs about what creates a truly human resonance within and among singers. For me, this ensemble is a continuation of beliefs that have been my North Star all of my career. To hear those questions answered and dreams become a reality with the establishment of The Same Stream choir is deeply humbling, gratifying and life affirming. It is our hope that these recordings enrich those who hear them—as much as making them has made our lives deeper and more meaningful.

— James Jordan, Artistic Director and Conductor of The Same Stream

Recorded in the unparalleled Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul in Philadelphia, The Same Stream's debut full-length recording, Songs of the Questioner, features music by outstanding living composers with a personal connection to the ensemble. Music by Thomas LaVoy, Paul Mealor, Peter Relph, and Dan Forrest help the listener to explore those deep and important questions that follow us throughout our entire lives.

Format: CD

Discipline: Choir


Songs of the Questioner: What of the Darkness? Thomas LaVoy 6:45
Songs of the Questioner: A Lost Hour Thomas LaVoy 6:17
Songs of the Questioner: Orbits Thomas LaVoy 3:57
White Stones Thomas LaVoy 7:18
The Dream I Knew Thomas LaVoy 4:30
Tenebrae Lumini Peter Relph 3:57
Salvator Mundi Thomas LaVoy 4:17
Ave Redemptor Peter Relph 4:58
Love's as Warm as Tears Paul Mealor 4:39
Abide Dan Forrest 9:50