Singing the Mass

Sung Order of Mass in English and Latin

© 2011 S.A.S. La Froidfontaine—Éditions de Solesmes. Compilation, Layout, Design © 2011 Christopher Barlow. English Excerpts and Chants © 2010 ICEL. Latin Excerpts and Chants © 2002, 2008 Administrationem Patrimonii Sedis Apostolicae in Civitate Vaticana.

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Text Source: The Roman Missal 2010; General Instruction of the Roman Missal; Missale Romanum, Editio Typica Tertia

Difficulty Level: E/M


The Second Vatican Council encouraged the Mass to be sung, according to the simple, beautiful and timeless melodies of the Roman Rite.  They are contained in the Missale Romanum of Pope Paul VI.  In the new Roman Missal in English (2010), we see the excellent adaption of these chants from the original Latin into the vernacular.

To coincide with the new English translation of the Missal, Solesmes has published a new book – Singing the Mass – containing all the chants of the Order of Mass in English and Latin on facing pages. Singing the Mass is for use by the people, and serves to encourage sung celebrations of the Vatican II Mass.
Sing the Mass

  Features of Singing the Mass

  • English and Latin on facing pages, to accommodate Vatican II Masses celebrated entirely English, entirely in Latin, or in English interspersed with Latin
  • All the dialogues and acclamations in which the people are called to participate
  • Both solemn tone and simple tone
  • English Mass Setting from the Roman Missal
  • Shorter Kyriale with 9 complete Mass Settings in Greek/Latin
  • Chants in English and Latin for the sprinkling of Holy Water
  • Various alternative settings of the Lord’s Prayer, including well-known settings in the US (Snow), the UK (Rimsky-Korsakov) and Australia
  • Clear typesetting in the Solesmes style
  • Text of Eucharistic Prayers I-IV


Categories: Chant, Liturgical

Rites: Order of Mass

Language: English; Latin

Format: Hard Cover