One Is the Body

Songs of Unity and Diversity

John L. Bell

© 2002 WGRG, Iona, admin. GIA.

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Series: Iona

Difficulty Level: E


50 songs of gathering for worship, the people of God, the word of God, and commitment to God.

Primarily for congregational use. Various voicings, some accompanied.

Contents: Come and let us worship God *Lord, who may enter your house?/Ps.15 * Praise God for this holy ground * Bless, O Lord, my soul, the Lord your God/Ps.103 * Blest Be God/Ps.149 * heaven on earth * I bow my knee in prayer * I owe my Lord a morning song * Faithful, faithful is our God (Kamanao' i' o') * Here you are among us (Tu estas presente) * Be still, be silent (Thula) * Chitra's tune * This is the day of rest * Women and men as God intendd * God it was * Gifts of the spirit * To be a soldier * There is a line of women * We belong to God * While the earth remains * Because the Saviour prayed * O God, you made us all unique * Maker and Mover * God's spirit is here * We rejoice to be God's chosen * Keep me, Lord/Ps.16 * I will always bless the Lord * Do not be vexed * Create within me a clean heart/Ps.51 * O Grea God and Lord of all the earth/Ps.94 * Know that God is good (Mungu ni mwema)/Ps.100 * In deep distress * Listen now for the Gospel (Yakanaka Vhangeri) * I will arise * One is the body * Love one another * Love is the touch * Ageless God of boundless wonder * All the wonder that surrounds us * You are the God of new beginnings * In concrete, brick and living stone * Sisters and brothers, with one voice * Take this moment * I'll praise eternal God (Je lourai l'Eternel) * We will walk with God (Sizohamba) * Now that evening falls * Now that day is done * Journey prayers * Your will be done * Now go in peace 

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Style: World Music

Format: Softcover