Musician, Heal Thyself! - Book

Free Your Shoulder Region through Body Mapping

Jennifer Johnson

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Pain in the shoulder region is one of the most common problems afflicting instrumentalists, vocalists, and conductors alike. Musician, Heal Thyself! uses the principles of Body Mapping to free musicians of their shoulder pain, injury, and limitations, leading to more expressive and healthy music making.

While keenly aware of the importance of whole-body balance and context, author Jennifer Johnson presents the four most common patterns that cause shoulder pain and fatigue, along with guidance on how to “remap” the body for healthier whole arm movements in playing, singing, and conducting.

Also included in the book are anatomical images for remapping and many photographs of world-class musicians who exhibit exemplary arm movement and a free shoulder region in their performances. Especially helpful are the book’s movement exploration activities, online video links, and the appendix, which outlines the functions of the shoulder region muscles in layman’s vocabulary.

A healthier approach to music making begins today with the ideas and insights presented in Musician, Heal Thyself!

Jennifer Johnson is a licensed and internationally sought-after lecturer on Body Mapping, teaching musicians how to move according to the design of their bodies to address and prevent playing injuries. She maintains an active private violin studio, performs regularly, and is the author of three books on Body Mapping.

Musician, Heal Thyself! is an invaluable resource for performers and teachers at every level. The material is so clearly elucidated and its concepts immediately useful and empowering. I love this book!

—Carol Rodland, violist
    Viola and Chamber Music Faculty, The Juilliard School

After doing several of the very clear and thorough explorations in Jennifer Johnson’s new book, my arms had the freedom and ease of a child’s, and I felt a corresponding ease in my trumpet posture and sound. Emotional re-mapping is also part of any physical improvement, and Ms. Johnson describes that aspect of the process clearly and compassionately. I recommend this book for all musicians seeking to express their music with efficiency, freedom, and beauty.

—Jeffrey Reynolds, trumpet
    Associate Professor, Faculty of Music, University of Toronto

For years, I stubbornly ignored my body’s messages because I was afraid to find out I was 'doing everything wrong.' But Jennifer’s wealth of experience working with musicians and her compassionate approach in Musician, Heal Thyself! have made playing more fun and less painful. Why did I wait so long?

—Nathan Cole, First Assistant Concertmaster, Los Angeles Philharmonic
    Founder of

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