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Mr. Rankine's Music Cabin Episode 7 - Streaming Video

David Rankine

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Series: First Steps in Music


Mr. Rankine’s Music Cabin is a joyful, research-based, and engaging educational program based on John M. Feierabend’s First Steps in Music and Conversational Solfege curriculaSet in a magical cabin hidden in the forest, each episode contains great folk songs and promotes active learning and participation. 

When Covid-19 shut down Canadian schools, David wanted to find a way to maintain the engagement level and enthusiasm that always followed his music classes. 

After experimenting for over three weeks, he turned both the inside and outside of his rural home into a film and recording studio. Complete with lively puppets, green screens, and a musical time machine, David embarked on a fun-filled journey of creating a distance learning program that focused on online engagement and active learning that compels children to participate.  

Each episode is filled with moments of "hushed wonder," and integrates all the elements of Dr. Feierabend’s music education curricula. They are perfect for children in preschool through middle elementary school and are very useful for online teaching and assessment.

Episode 7: 

1:30 Welcome 

2:07 Pitch Exploration - Bean Bag 

3:26 Music Literacy - Echo/Decode DRM Patterns 

6:04 Simple Songs - Black Snake 

8:24 Music Literacy - CS Unit 2: Steps 1-7 

15:06 Music Literacy Game - Rhythm Walk 

17:01 With Classical Music - Beethoven’s 5th, Movement 3 

16:03 Move-It - The Comedians “Pantomime” 

22:36 Movement with the Beat - Left, Left 

23:43 Songtale - Cape Cod Boys 

26:33 Farewell

Categories: Children/Youth, Folk Music

Format: Video

Discipline: General Music