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Missa Simplex - Full Score

Richard Proulx, Michael O'Connor


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Missa Simplex, one of WLP’s simplest musical settings of the new translation of The Roman Missal, has fast become one of our most popular. Shortly before his death, Richard Proulx wrote the Gloria Simplex,(WLP 005304), a straightforward and easily learned chant setting of the newly revised Gloria. The simple melodic pattern of the chant is repeated throughout the setting as the Gloria unfolds, with a few musical surprises that result in a setting that is anything but boring!

After Proulx’s untimely death, Michael O’Connor, O.P., utilizing the melodic structure of Proulx’s work, set the rest of the components of the Mass. The Gloria is widely used during Ordinary Time from the smallest parish with keyboard and cantor to this country’s largest cathedral communities, accompanied by pipe organ and supported by a large choir. Because of its simplicity, this setting has become the setting in many parishes for the seasons of Advent and Lent—minus the Gloria, of course! Chant has a universal Catholic sense, and this Mass setting captures that sense and brings the assembly into an intimacy with the newly translated texts of the Mass in a simple and at times haunting way.


  • One of the simplest settings GIA/WLP has to offer.

  • The Gloria Simplex, written by Richard Proulx shortly before his death, is a chant setting with a simple melodic pattern—with some musical surprises!

  • Michael O’Connor continued Proulx’s work by utilizing the melodic structure for the remaining components of the Mass.

  • Used in parishes with only keyboard and cantor, but also widely used in large cathedrals with pipe organ and a large choir.

  • An ideal Mass setting for Advent and Lent.

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