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Introduction to Research and the Psychology of Music

Edwin E. Gordon

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Series: Music Learning Theory (MLT)


Our potential to learn music is one of the special capacities that make us human. Researchers have been captivated by the study of this potential, known as music aptitude, for the past 75 years.

Introduction to Research and the Psychology of Music is the culmination of what we know about music aptitude and music aptitude testing written by the world’s leading scholar on the subject. In this book, Edwin Gordon explores the nature of music aptitude, how aptitude changes as we grow, and how to measure this potential.

Gaining insight into music aptitude tells us how to best teach music as well as how to adapt teaching to the individual needs of students. Gordon explores the value of music aptitude testing: how such tests can help pinpoint a student’s musical strengths and weaknesses in order to adapt instruction; how they can help identify a gifted student who may not otherwise participate in music; and why tests should never be used to exclude a student from studying music.

Lastly, this book provides a foundation for contemporary and future scholars and researchers compelled to understand our unique capacity to make music, and those who are looking for future avenues to explore.

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Number of Pages: 234

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