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Inside the Choral Rehearsal

Harmonic Rehearsal Teaching and Learning Based on the Music Learning Theory of Edwin E. Gordon

James Jordan

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Series: Evoking Sound


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Contributors: Frank Abrahams • Corey Everly • Jonathan Palmer Lakeland • Marilyn Shenenberger • Jason Vodicka

James Jordan has spent the past 35 years developing applications of the Music Learning Theory of Edwin E. Gordon to the choral rehearsal. Inside the Choral Rehearsal is the culmination of his work—a comprehensive teaching resource detailing all aspects of skill development for choral ensembles of all ages, and deeply rooted in the psychology of music learning. This book explores both the philosophy and practical application of audiation development for choral ensembles, with the goal of contributing to a lifelong acquisition of music skill and audiation.

Inside the Choral Rehearsal details:

  • New rehearsal techniques that teach within a harmonic context to reinforce listening and audiation, contributing to long-term musical growth and sensitivity
  • A comprehensive approach to teaching aural literacy within the choral rehearsal
  • Philosophies and procedures for teaching the essential elements of musicianship that will transform ensemble performance
  • Using Aural Immersion Solfège to teach any piece regardless of an ensemble’s reading literacy and music theory knowledge
  • The use of tonal and rhythm patterns to build audiation skills within each singer in an ensemble
  • Understanding harmonic rhythm through movement (Space Audiation) to teach central elements of music
  • The use the audiational breath to transform both musical and interpretative elements within your ensemble
  • Vocal pedagogy for teaching vowels that creates possibilities for choral intonation
  • Use of critical pedagogy within rehearsal procedure to empower choral musicians

Inside the Choral Rehearsal is a landmark contribution to the choral world.

An audio conversation between James Jordan and Edwin E. Gordon regarding choral rehearsal and more is available. Click here to download the file.

Detailed in over forty books, Jordan’s groundbreaking work in Music Learning Theory applied to the choral rehearsal, conducting pedagogy, and Laban movement and effort reflects not only an embracing of Edwin E. Gordon’s perspective, but also his unique pedagogical lineage—including study with Wilhelm Ehmann, Elaine Brown, and Frauke Haasemann. Jordan’s previous volumes, which are read by conductors around the world, are considered central to choral pedagogy. This an enthusiastic celebration of the many ideas Jordan gleaned from study with these great pedagogues blended together with Music Learning Theory as the framework. It is a unique tribute to these scholars because it extends their work in ways they had not imagined, but for which they might have hoped.

— Maria Runfola, from the Foreword

Categories: Ear Training, Musicianship, Pedagogy, Rehearsal

Number of Pages: 480

Format: Hard Cover

Discipline: Choir