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Hymnal Companion to "Sound the Bamboo" - Book

Asian Hymns in Their Cultural and Liturgical Contexts

Text Author: I-to Loh

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The world of hymnody has a new, highly authoritative reference for seemingly “all things” related to Asian Christian hymnody. Noted hymnologist I-to Loh has gathered and assembled his studies and experiences and that of many, many colleagues relating to the history and practice of hymnody of a part of our world comprising many cultures and countries, not to mention spiritual influences.

Few resources, especially accessible to Western readers, have delved into the Christian sacred music of Asia; those that have tend to give only minimal examples, attempt to somehow combine all of Asia under a single umbrella, or examine only a few countries. The Hymnal Companion to “Sound the Bamboo” examines the hymns in their historical, cultural, and spiritual contexts of twenty-two countries-this in addition to the usual background stories of texts and tunes of specific hymns in the related hymnal and the biographies of their contributors. The book is also abundantly illustrated with music examples and photos of native instruments, liturgical spaces, and personages.

This is surely one book appropriate for resource shelf and nightstand alike. 

Categories: Hymnology

Number of Pages: 654

Language: English; Various

Format: Book