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God Has Done Marvelous Things - Cassette

Leon C. Roberts

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** GIA no longer publishes nor sponsors the work of David Haas. This title remains on our website at the request of (one of) the co-author(s).


A musical and spiritual celebration of unity, reconciliation, and discipleship, this collaboration by Haas and Roberts breaks down the rigid categories that divide liturgical music and our congregations.

These two composers unite with a prophetic community of instrumentalists and singers coming together, joining a circle of synergy, clapping, praying, and singing with full voice.

The title song utilizes Herbert Brokering's ever-popular text, "Earth and All Stars," and a wonderful call-and-response melody by David Haas. Leon Roberts contributes three gospel psalm arrangements: "Let Us Go Rejoicing," "To You, O Lord, I Lift My Soul," and "This Is the Day." "E Na Lima Hana" is based on a Hawaiian text written by Joe Camacho. Open your ears and heart to this vibrant new music that fuses traditions and genres.

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