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From Voice to Hands

Arranged Folk Tunes and Activities to Sing and Ring in the Classroom, Grades Three through Seven

Sandra Eithun

© 2013 GIA.

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Instrumental parts included: 2 or 3 octaves Handbells, 2 or 3 octaves Handchimes

Difficulty Level: E


There are numerous teachers who have the desire to incorporate handbells and/or handchimes into their general music classroom. There are also teachers currently using handbells/handchimes who continually seek more effective ways to fit them into sequential learning methods. Music is a multisensory experience. Handbells and handchimes offer an exciting and fun option for students to comprehend and visualize various musical concepts in a way that keeps them engaged and fosters their growth as musicians.

This collection of sixteen folk songs and corresponding activities is designed for the intermediate-level, general music classroom. Each song is presented in five formats building from the simplest to the more complex.

  • Single melody lines with solfège for unison singing and to introduce the melody
  • Melody is sung, accompanied by blocked chords on handbells or handchimes
  • Melody only is rung on handbells or handchimes
  • Melody and standard chords are rung on handbells or handchimes
  • Fully arranged level 1 or 2 setting rung on handbells or handchimes as a performance piece

The skills learned and developed in this collection will help lay a solid foundation for a lifetime of music making.

2 or 3 octaves Handbells or 2 or 3 octaves Handchimes Each song is presented in five formats builidng from the simplest to a more complex form. 

Categories: Folk Music, Handbells, Method, Skill Building

Number of Pages: 160

Language: English

Format: Spiral

Discipline: General Music