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Evoking Sound: Teaching and Learning Body Architecture and Patterns - Streaming Video

James Jordan

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Series: Evoking Sound


In this video series, James Jordan offers three virtual lectures for use by both conducting classes and individuals. In these videos, he shares how he sequentially builds conducting technique, beginning with the legendary approach to pattern architecture taught by Hideo Saito. Jordan also discusses the importance of acceleration and deceleration within conducting patterns and provides thought-provoking ideas on how to relay information to ensembles in the horizontal part of the beat using the beat patterns of Toscanini as a foundation for discussion. In combination with Evoking Sound (Second Edition), these lectures share a sequential pedagogy that will effectively advance both conducting classes and individual conductors.

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Streaming Videos in This Series:

  • Part 1: Body Architecture – Essentials of Body Mapping for Conductors 49:40
  • Part 2: Vertical and Horizontal Beats: Building Basic Conducting Technique – The Teachings of Hideo Saito 21:13
  • Part 3: The Pedagogy of Conducting Patterns 20:14

Format: Video