Do It! Play Recorder - Teacher’s Resource Guide

James O. Froseth, Marguerite Wilder

1996, GIA Publications, Inc.

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Music Source: James O. Froseth with Marguerite Wilder and Carolee Stewart

Series: Do It!


This spectacular book and the accompanying audio recordings are by three of today's best music educators, and it contains everything you need to play the recorder!

  • The audio recordings cover all the basics: tone quality, intonation, tempo, melody, rhythm, style of articulation and phrasing, and expressive nuance.
  • Enhanced content on the audio recordings helps with music reading and writing skills.
  • Live musicians provide authentic accompaniments—classic and contemporary styles.
  • Song repertoire surveys musical styles of the world. Music of the Americas includes U.S. folk, jazz, country western, bluegrass, honkytonk, spiritual, blues, gospel, rock-and-roll, jazz waltz, country swing, jazz ballad, Mexican folk, and reggae. Music of other times includes 12th-century conductus, 15th-century Dance of the Boufons, 16th-century French branle, 18th and 19th-century folk songs and dances, and 1940s and ’50s jazz, blues, and rock-and-roll. Music of the world includes folk songs and dances of England, Ireland, Scotland, France, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Scandinavia, Israel, the Netherlands, Mexico, and Russia.
  • There are lots of helpful photos.
  • The format allows students progress at their own pace.
  • Discover improvisation! Explore call and response techniques and other styles.
  • The book includes the “You Can Look It Up” music dictionary.
  • Theme-and-variation format allows easy and challenging versions of material to be performed simultaneously; special projects allow students to set individual goals.
  • Teacher’s Resource Guide with integrated rhythmic flashcard pattern reading, integrated melodic flashcard pattern reading, extended accompaniments for group improvisation, extensive cross-referencing indexes, and suggested resources for teaching to the National Standards.
  • Book 2 features innovative but optional use of world percussion instruments, as developed by percussion educator Steve Houghton.

Categories: Band/Orchestra, Band/Orchestra Curriculum, Beginner/Young, Method, Recorder

Number of Pages: 112

Language: English

Format: Softcover

Discipline: General Music