Crickets and Commas: Selected Poetry of Robert Bode - Book

Robert Bode

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On warm summer nights, I listen to crickets sing their love songs to God...

Penned by American poet Robert Bode, these thoughtful words and the poem from which they are taken inform the title for this book. Bode has long been a sought-after poet, providing deeply moving words for choral and solo music, many of which are included here.

This collection of Bode’s lyric poetry displays the poet’s affection for the things of this world, both physical and emotional. “Songs” of morning, evening, nature, love, music, inspiration, and humor lift up and inspire thought. Most notably, the section focused on songs of justice, war, and healing offers many important messages for this time.

Robert Bode is the Artistic Director of Choral Arts Northwest, a semi-professional chamber chorus in Seattle. In 2010, Bode and Choral Arts NW received the Margaret Hillis Award for Choral Excellence, presented by Chorus America. His poems are performed by choirs and soloists worldwide.

Categories: Choral/Vocal, Philosophical/Inspirational

Number of Pages: 166

Format: Book

Discipline: Choir